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2003-2005 Civic Hybrid


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Hello all. I currently am looking into purchasing a Honda Civic in the 2000-2005 range. While browsing, i noticed some decent deals for a 2003 and 2005 Civic Hybrid(both around $5,000) that ranged from 140-160k miles. I am on this board because I have never even looked into hybrid vehicles before and am wondering if the maintenance is any different than a gas car, or if replacement parts are outrageously more expensive(for example, replacing a battery).


Can any current Civic Hybrid owners help me out, and basically just give me maybe a pros/cons of the Civic Hybrid?


Thanks a million!

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i dont know about civics but i know one cell in a prius cost one of my professors a GOOD chunk of change (money later refunded so toyota could continue to say no one has ever had to pay to replace a battery)



go on consumer sites and stuff.. none of us have hybrids.. we are poor and drive 90's hondas

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