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low rpm on idle


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hello guys, i have a honda civic EG vtec e (1994), and when i start it it idles around 1500rpm and then 5-10minutes later it will drop to like 400 - 500 rpm! ive cleaned out the Idle Air Control Valve as heard that it might be that and its made no difference, any ideas??? thanks :-D

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try cleaning the fitv..thats more likely the issue.


What's a fitv? Sorry, not a mechanic...


My Civic does this too. Starts off okay, but then when I'm sitting at a red light, it'll idle really low, especially when it's hot outside with the A/C on. Sometimes it even stutters like it's gonna stall, but then all of a sudden it'll rev up again, as if the computer is preventing it from stalling.


My mechanic adjusted the idle, but that seems like kind of a kludge to me. I'd like get it actually fixed.

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