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auto with bouncing tach


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I switch on the a/c, and when engine gets warmed up enough for the fan to kick in my rpm's go crazy especiall at a red light,,,think my tps may be going south?,,,rock auto is back ordered 60 days and Honda wont sell the part without the whole tb....any thing that I may can do to remedy this bouncy tack,,,,only does it with air on at stop and fan kicks in.....

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eh guarantee it is a free fix. Locate your thermostat ground and sand the thermostat housing and wire connector til it's kinda sorta shiny. Then see if your symptoms still exist when it is at operating temperature.


*When ever something weird/odd occurs with your electrical system on a honda clean that ground before doing anything else. If that ground is dirty it can present itself as a bad ICM, bad tps, bad coil, and some other weird sh*t...If need be add an 8awg ground off the housing to your passenger side frame rail..it'll help keep those issues from appearing again.

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