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Replacing Engine Mounts


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So I was getting my suspention overhauled at a shop about 3 years ago, I had bad bushings all around my front end, including engine mounts. I initally asked for poly bushings for the control arms and such, but with a bit of a mix up I ended up with poly engine bushings as well.


Now I'm getting really sick of them, tooo much engine vibrations, glove box shackes, hood latch keeps loosning up so the hood shakes, now my gauge panel is starting to vibrate. Not to mention the extra engine noise.


Is there a DIY on replacing engine mounts? They seem easily accesible, do I just need to support the engine and swap them? Do I need a hoist or can I just jack it at the oil pan, it seems thick enough.


Let me know please!

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you can usually use a jack under the oil pan with a piece of wood so it doesn't bend the pan.

If you lift the weight off of the mounts its just a matter of unbolting and swapping them out.

The only one that is a pain in the ass to get to is the rear one. It is in the back and its bolted to a crossmember.

I don't know if you just want to replace the two front ones or all three.

Just make sure you get the right ones, you did not specify if your car is a manual or auto, just make sure you get the correct mounts.

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^ he is right. just be very careful when supporting it. its a better idea to use an engine hoist if you have one. less stress on engine componets. use both and it makes it even better.


the rear one you may have to climb under the car for, but i doubt it. the only other thing you may run into is swapping the polyeurethane mounts themselves. you may have to have a shop press them out and press new ones in. shouldnt take long though

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sweet. makes it ten times easier. just get an engine hoist if you can(you can rent them for cheap) and lift the motor enough to get the mount out, replace it with a new one, and move onto the next.

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Yeah, one at a time, just wondering if the pan is strong enought to support the engine


Its not like each mount is supporting whole engine. DS Engine mount, and PS trans mount are doing 90% of the work of holding motor and trans up. The other ones are to keep engine more or less from rotating, absorb the energy and torque.



The front and back you can do and will hardly see motor move, especially if all mounts are as rigid as you say. You may have to play with a jack under trans to help line up on installing, then on trans mount you can do with jack under tranny as well, then like I said the other 3 mounts will hold up most of the weight and jack under oil pan with 2X4 will be fine for DS engine mount. No problems!

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