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B16 Swap step by step guide


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Hey, all i really want to put a b16a2 or a3 on my del sol, iam kinda new and i have a lot of questions. I have a 1994 del sol si automatic i am not sure but i thinks its obd1, so my questions is can i put a b16a2 or i have to use the a3 and i want to convert my auto to manual would that be a hard job too. Also if anybody has done a swap like that has step by step guide or some kind of video i would really appreciated if you can send it here. I've read about that b16 swaps should be easy swap it shouldn't take u more than a day. I am also wondering how much would cost me to buy the b16 with everything manual transmission too and i am kinda short on money if anybody knows a website besides hmotorsonline.com. Thank u all for reading and helping out in advance.

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you can use the a2. just make sure you get the right wiring harness and ecu. all in all it depends on where you buy it. even if you go the craigslist route like i do, it will still cost you 1500+. i budgeted myself at 2000 for the year. i dont have it all right now. but thats how much i intend to spend. if your delsol has the D series motor now, then youll need motor mounts, shift linkage, transmission, wiring harness, and ecu with it. hmotorsonline is the big one, they guarantee start ups. the only other thing you can do is what i am doing. build it.


check our engine swap and tech section. we have a guide in the types of swap sticky at the top of the page. its in the first few lines, its for a EG civic but they should all be very close.

i also recommend buying a haynes manual for the dohc del sol(even though they appear to be hard to find) i still havent found one

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