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Wut's up with Nextel???


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Okay, gotta get something off my chest.


Recently Nextel has targeted the Import scene in their recent advertisements on Powe 106, a popular Hip-Hop radio station here in Los Angeles. Their ad, to those who haven't heard it, is a conversation between two guys talking about import cars using the same technial JARGON that is used in the first Fast and the Furious. It's all about NOS, all about blowing welds on the intake, and granny shifting. If it wasn't bad enough that the movie industry has made the Import scene look completly ignorant and pointless, now we have a company actually thinking that those who talk about cars on a cell phone (or their two way radio) would ever say the crap that has come out of their mouths.


Furthermore, you would have thought that atleast Nextel would have tried to come up with their own crap instead of perpetuating the crap in the movies. I mean you can talk about plenty other than NOS and granny shifting and still create a conversation that makes sense and confuses those not into cars.


Idiots! :mad:

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arrrgh i hate nextel! I have a motorola i30sx and its seriously a piece of crap with a horrible plan!




but hey, my contract ends in november 8)

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