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Moab 2010

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looks fun! i wanna try this sometime lol.


lol @ JEEP WHEELIE!excl.gif!


did you make it out of that hole thing?



Dude, that first photo is epic, and I second Daves question about the hole! That looks impossible!

It also looks like the most fun you could possibly ever have, I want a go! awesome location biggrin.gif


To both, No he just pulled in there to take a picture. (Its called the "Hot Tub") If you look close you can see the cuts in the rock from winch cables trying to upright a tipped over Jeep or Buggie. Most people cant make it out because the bottom is usually filled with water/oil/coolant so it makes your tires almost useless. The picture doesn't' show just how straight up that wall is.





is that yellow truck a ranger??

anyone seen those old jeep trucks... not a jeep but an actual truck... a guy around here has an old beaten one, they look pretty cool though even though theyre old


The yellow truck is my little brothers 1984 Toyota Pickup.

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The yellow truck is my little brothers 1984 Toyota Pickup.


its nice... it looked like a ranger cause of the front grill... i like the toyota pickup though especially the 91 through like 95 or 96 i believe


saw the videos... i love how when the jeep flips over everyone starts saying YOU OK? EVERYBODY OK?... shows how you can be safe and STILL have a great time.

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You watch your mouth you silly phaggot. We don't take kindly to those type of comments. :D (semi srs)

Well if you know me i wasn't srs at all. So you can just put yer straw hat back on, crack open another budweiser and calm down. lol

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