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So we have been trying to think of a car i might want that is affordable/reliable/trackable


by trackable i mean if i want to go in a straight line.. kick the ass out.. or not kick it out while going around a turn i want to be able to




anyway i pretty much forgot the idea of an e36 m3 (3k for a cam swap is too rich for me right now), EVERYONE has 240s, etc



anyway there is a supra down the road and i keep looking at it (same one the ass wouldnt sell us last year)





anyway i think we are leaning towards a 1jz but idk yet (want to keep it twin turbo vs single turbo.. fast spool.. more rev.. more vroom)



does anyone have any ACTUAL experience with these cars and motors?



they kind of remind me of a delorean and a 240 at the same time lol










850 hp -


700 hp -





just for david :

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lol i hate you haha(not really)



i would take the third(black) one if i had a choice. but without carbonfiber hood. i would want all black.




0:40-0:45 i would love to have that skyline. looks amazing. its shown later in the video racing a twin turbo mustang.

1:55 is my dream car. (within reason. cant afford a ford gt)

3:10 is my dream engine

3:13-3:55 is cobra titties haha

4:48-5:56 is to die for

6:00-6:43 is what you should get sarah

7:30-8:29 is THE reason i would own a supra(such as the black/purple one)




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amazing.. they were all going IN A STRAIGHT LINE



i dont want to be that competive in a straight line only




not to mention every car in the video is serious cash




and im still leaning towards the twin 1jz.. plenty of power for what i want and revs quicker




what was the white mk4 racing? almost looked like it got beat by an mk3 hahahah

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almost but no lol. the mkiv in the end(the black one racing the bikes) is my dream supra. i wouldnt care for corners lol.



if i want a corner carver then yes a lightweight mk3. or a super quick mr2 lol. if i ever see the guy i graduated with again ill get some pics of his turbo mr2. it is gorgeous

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racing in a straight line really isnt racing to me



only takes so much talent to hit a light perfectly (i know because i do it often)



knowing how to handle a car in a turn at high speeds and when to brake etc just seems more interesting




as far as the you want a ford gt.. my dream car:



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alright.. enough bs




anyone on the mk3?


its a nice car


since youre still looking around have you considered an rx-7?

just throwing out ideas of course lol




not bad looking either... if properly done




they can make some good power.....






or maybe an 86 corolla? :laugh:




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rx7 no.. dont like rotarys.. and i could swap it.. fairly easy to swap.. but a few people already have them around here and its just not something i want




i would LOVE to have an AE-86.. but they are hard to find and some people charge out the butt for them




blink.gif I just found one on craigslist for 1k.. i must debate on telling bf because he wants a project car also... might be worth picking up anyway though since its the ONLY one for sale in the state and surrounding areas on CL right now



and i might have found a cheap targe 7mgte supra today anyway

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Mk 3's, reliable (fairly anyways) once you changed the head gasket and put new studs in them. Thought they were single turbo cars to start with too (not that it would matter, turbos are good enough now that a single would probably out-spool a ~20 year old TT design). Pistons have a ring pack that would be suitable for JE blower slugs.

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the 7m that they orginally come with are single turbo but the majority of 1jz's are twin but people just end up taking them off and putting on one larger turbo for some reason.. i'd rather have 2 smaller turbos because i want as little lag as possible vs insane dyno numbers



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I don't think you'll be giving up anything with a well selected single turbo. It's not like you'll be putting a med-frame 76mm in the car. Like I said, you can now buy single turbos that will have the response and make power that used to require twin turbos (response) or larger turbos (power). Borg Warner's S200 series (along with the S300's and S400's) have made a pretty big presence for all types of builds because they spool as well (if not better in some cases) as ball-bearing turbos of similar size and flow more air at higher pressure ratios. And they are usually far cheaper.

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ill look into it.. i still would like a twin turbo setup but at the same time that means i have TWO chances for a turbo to blow or mess up on me vs just one



ive also been researching tuners in the area already.. the motor build wont come for a while probably.. the car im trying to find out about right now only has like 80k miles on it and a brand new headgasket.. the other one i was looking at has like 150k miles but should run fine.. probably leave the 7mgte in it for a while and work on brake upgrades and suspension upgrades then order the motor and the parts for the motor.. probably just going to do a full build on it before it goes in.. plan for 700-800 hp so my goal of ~450 whp could be achieved easily without too much stress on the motor


I also dont know brand reputations for turbo motors.. so far rod choice is down to greddy or tomei.. and i have no idea what i want for compression ratios so idk about headgaskets (metal with apr headbolts is all i have decided lol) or pistons right now

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Hard parts are more a matter of preference. It's actually fairly difficult to buy bad parts if you just go with well established companies. Remember the OEM parts are often as good or better in many cases too. If you are looking for that much power eventually then you are much better off starting with a single turbo setup. Simply going to be more efficient and less of a hassle. Mileage isn't much of a concern with the health of the short blocks of those motors as long as maintenance was somewhat regular. Stock compression ratio would be fine too. Don't get too hung up on buying parts for the motor either. The more you try to overthink the more trouble you wind up having. Pistons, rods, gaskets, rings are about as much as most people really need to buy as most of the OEM stuff is plenty good (bearings, crank, seals, etc). I spend more time on fuel system and support upgrades rather than the motor or transmission.

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well for power goal i would prefer to upgrade the bottom end accordingly instead of being slack and then being sad when it blows


and its common sense the fuel system will need upgraded


Im actually going to sit down and do the math on this build unlike a lot of people and build accordingly


i also never said i would buy a new crank.. probably will get it machined just so i know the motor will be plenty balance which means I would more then likely need a different size bearing


the block and crank shouldnt have a problem holding the load.. shouldnt need sleeved or anything


Stock rods will not hold up for the abuse and power we plan on putting to this motor


most def. need a better headgasket and head studs.. no doubt about that.. seems to be the main problem these motors have




main priorites for the car are: suspension and brake upgrade, THEN motor swap after its built to my liking and along with the motor the cooling and fuel system will be upgraded


then straight to tuner



diff and tranny dont seem to be a problem in these cars

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