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94 Accord Stumbles On Cold Start


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My gf's dad just bought a 94 accord 10th anniversary edition 2.2 i-4 automatic, it has a SRI, Mugen Header, stainless steel exhaust all the way back not sure what cat or resonator it has but it looks nice, it did have a 3A Racing fart can but he took it off and replaced with different muffler, but the problem is it basically acts like its carbed when you start it, it wont just fire right up, it will fire up then kinda stumble and shut off, and maybe do it again then it will finally stay running and kinda idle low then once warmed its fine and starts back up easy, me saying it acts like an old carbed truck or something would be the best way to try and explain this, any ideas what to check or what it could be? not an expert on tuner stuff, i figured maybe o2 sensor or something, thanks



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