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2007 Accord.. Random window Roll down


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Hey Guys,


This has happend twice. I had locked my car both times during the night, so i'm pretty sure that noone would maliciously get into my car and play a trick on me (I live in a safe neighborhood). This morning before work, I came out to my car and all 4 windows were rolled down and but nothing was stolen... I am 100% sure I locked my car.. The first time it happend, all 4 windows were down and the trunk was popped wide open.. I had my golf clubs in the back and a bunch of expense stuff in there... But nothing was stolen!!! I'm convinced that this cannot be someone playing a trick on me.. Do you think that it could be that someone else in the neighborhood has the same key or frequency.. I thought you couldn't roll down the windows with the key remote? Or could it just be a general malfunction??! Any advice appreciated...

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