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Electric windows ALL won't roll down on 1994 del sol s


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Hey just bought a 1994 Del sol s. The guy who sold it to me said it has a fuse problem, but i checked the fuses and they are okay, plus i mean i had a Vw passat before and it had similar problems but only the drive side window didn't work, and on this del sol all 3 wont' roll down. I am thinking it's something with the wires or relay, i hear a sound when i press on the switches, i think it comes behind the radio somewhere underneath. I am new to del sols, but i like them very much and i really want to fix this for the summer. Any help would be appreciated very much. If anybody faced the same issue please reply to here, like i said i am kinda new so it would be better if you write in step mby step process or even pictures would be better. Once again thank you and hope to hear from you pros del sollers

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I know this may sound stupid, but have you checked the window cutoff switch on the drivers side door. ive seen in other cars that switch get bumped and still look like its in the on position when its really off.

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I call that switch the fart-switch.


It's fking perfect for when you let out a stinker, then stop your passenger from putting down the window. Giggles.


I always figured you for a fart sniffer.



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