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looking at a new vehicle

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oh yeah




bom chicka bow wow


so youre looking into getting a normal jeep right??


im not a jeep guy but off roading is hella fun... if you like the jeep id say go for it!!


yes, ill be buying an older jeep (2000 or earlier model) and slowly putting everything together.


You whore. DO IT. Gonna be too much fun.


dont be jealous of my whoreness. its definitely going to kick ass.


you should let a trex sideswipe it too, for authenticity yo.


the next time youre in new york we'll take care of that. :laugh:

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screw both ideas.... go get a jeep and a old VW bus and make em look like the ones from the dharma project!... in cause u guys didnt know thats from LOST.... lol im a nerd!

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Seb, I actually agree with you. If your going to pick one vehicle from Tomb Raider to have as a project, it would be the Land Rover for me as well. But since he said he is getting a jeep, I just suggested he make it look like the rubicon, b/c that is the sexiest jeep ever.

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