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93D3LS0L's updates


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hello again everyone.


I been tinkering with the sol . got some new rims off an older teggy ls , which ill be getting resurfaced and bronze powder coated . im waiting on my security deposit from my last appartment then i can order my coilovers , camber kits , energy susp. bushing kit , and the last few things i need to boost the sol. im heading down to the industrial park here shortly and ill take some pics with the new rims.


i had mentioned before about fixing the leaky seals around my doors and i found a cheap fix . household a/c's come with a sticky weather stripping. ( it works mint and isnt too noticeable )


heres a few pics....





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^^^^ fresh pics ^^^^


nothing special . just a couple quickies.


theese are the old rims



i like the new rims better the sol isn't nearly as boggy as when i had the 16's on there ( opinions?? )


also heres one of what happens when you have a can a white spray paint and bordem sets in . lol. i need to redo the turn signal lights and such.


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well i sold my sol today i r so sad. i got a deal i couldnt refuse so now im on the look out for a new sol . i might be buying a 93 hatch for $300 comes with a d16z6 all i have to do is throw it in.

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congrats. if you dont mind, what did you get for it?


+1 on getting a hatch lol



1k which was a hell of a deal seeing how it needed like 4k worth of body work for it to be mint again .


and unfourienetly hatch is goona be my daily beater so it will see alot of abuse. as of today i bought a 94 geo tracker which isnt what i wanted but atleast its 5 speed . was gonna buy a 626 but i checked it out and it needed rear main seal . so wasnt what i need for a dd as of this moment so i got the tracker

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