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93 DX Tachometer Wiring


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I've got a 1993 Honda Civic DX, and the speedometer has started working only intermittently. I've replaced the speed sensor to no avail, so the next step is to replace the speedometer head. I've looked around, and it seems like I might as well buy the whole cluster (used, of course). My current cluster, being on a DX, does not have a tachometer, but I can get clusters for the same price with or without it. I believe I've heard that sometimes the differences between DX, LX, and EX are only cosmetic, so my question is: Does the '93 DX have tachometer hookups just waiting to be attached to a tachometer head? I would rather have a working tachometer, but if I can't, then I don't want a dead tachometer head staring at me every time I drive the car. Thanks, guys.

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To add to what cranny said:

from 92-95 each gauge cluster was exactly the same when it came to wiring. auto, manual, tach or no tach they all connected to the exact same socket. Depending on what the source car is that you collect the cluster from your redline markings on the gauge will be incorrect. It is only cosmetics so if you drive a manual keep mental note of that so you don't over rev the motor.

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