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new to the honda world. can anyone answer some questions?


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I just boughtt a crx and its my first honda. I got an 89 dx. I have no idea what motor it has? 1.5? Is there a vtec head I can put on it? I've always had body kits on my cars. Is that something I should or shouldn't do with this car? I thought about just puttin coil overs and slammin it. I got 13in black steelys on it. I gotta paint it cuz the kid I bought it from spray painted it orange. Should I go 2 tone black and red, or burnt orange? Well hopefully some can help educate me a little. On this car.

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yes on the head no on the body kit just get your self a nice ef-8\9 front bumper and good paint job and body work keep it stock man.



Ok so my 88 dx has a d15b2 right? And I know my options for a vtec head is either the d16z6 or the d16y8, but which is better? And are they both the same process to put in? What else do I need besides the head? I know I will need the multi point injectors, but that's all I know. What ecu? And do I need a different distributor? And are headers necessary? It would be cool to get a list of the parts I would need for each head. And ill worry about how to do all the wiring after I get the parts. Thanks and I appreciate any help.

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D16y8 flows better so better head, and for the harness issue if you here asking questions about it you will not know how to fix. Is a big mother f,en paint in the ass to do a dpfi to mpfi best thing you can do is to find si engine harness and si sub harness and replace both. It is not as hard as it sound trust me is alot easier then doing a dpfi to mpfi conversion but if you insist on doing the conversion i will help you, but i will not be liable if you mess up lol. And to do the head you will need d16y8 head gasket y8 timing belt and if you there might as well replace the water pump and tensioner and do not forget when installing the head to remove the oil jet if you dont vtec will not crack. Once you do the si harness just get a conversion harness from obo-0 to obd-1. how to install its pretty damn simple all you do is connect four wire o2 sensor and vtec wires it will explain in a paper you will get with it as for the ecu get a p28 and since you doing d16y8 head i would get it chipped.

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either head will work. they flow almost exactly the same. the difference is so minute its pointless to say which is better lol. and yes get a full harness. my dad and i did a dpfi to a mpfi conversion without the harness....never EVER do that again. took 3 days because we were so confused.....


if i were you i would just find a complete z6 engine. swap it in with the engine bay harness, get the ecu and its harness and be done. also get a z6 transmission if possible. all this shouldnt run you over 500 max

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