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weird acting car


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ok so i have a 2001 honda civic ex 2 door vtec today i noticed a lot of stuff happening thats weird. first i turned on the lights and drove for a while then i stopped and got out of the car when i did i turned the key off all the way and opened the door usually a noise from the dash area lets me know the lights are still on but today it didnt where as yesterday it did any thoughts. second today it was also raining as it was yesterday and i noticed that the first speed on my wipers is not working all the speeds are working including the quick wipe speed at the top any ideas. third the e brake light stays on even if the e brake is all the way off any clues. now some people have been saying its the weather tho i think honda has made leaps and bounds in reliability sin the friggin 70s so any help is greatly appreciated

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Could be a failing ECU, check your grounds, make sure battery terminals are clean.

There is also this black box thingy in the fuse box under the hood that could be causing your problem, its $20 online, I cant remember what it's called

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