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Overheating problem

93 civic eg

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Ok heres the deal, I have a 93 civic cx hatch. A few months ago the car over heated and started to spill out coolant. I replaces the hose that was rip. that fixed it for a while. Now it started to over heat again but there is no leak that i can detect. I just recently replaced the thermostat, radiator cap, all hoses that has to do with coolant, new over flow tank with new hoses+cap. I also flushed my radiator to. I cant seem to figure out why its overheating. It happens randomly when I push my car a little bit. It over flows my over flow tank and starts to over heat. My fan has only turned on once since Ive gotten the car. But i was told that it may not need to turn on if you are goin fast enough to get enough air. Could the fan not turning on be the reason my overflow tank gets completely overflowed and spills out. Or do i need a new water pump? Please if you could help i would appreciate it.

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Is your car burning any coolant?


You could have some obstruction in the coolant channels on the head


Water pump is always good to replace every 100k


To test your fan, start your car, let it warm up and hit the AC button, all the fans should spin up.

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