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Loud clicking/clunking noise when accelerating. Vtec won't engage.


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Hello. I have a 1996 Honda civic 1.6 vtec with an auto trans. Yesterday I noticed a lack of power and that instead of my vtec engaging there would be a loud clicking/clunking noise very rapid. When I let off the gas it would stop. Eventually as I drove home the noise got progressivly worse until I actually pulled off the road because I was worried for my car. The noise now is anytime I touch the gas pedal. About a week ago my alarm system stopped working, not sure if the two are related by any means. My car is sitting on the side of the road, I'm going to tow it today and try to figure it out, any ideas?

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First thing, when do you think the vtec should engage?


Secondly, I would start by seeing if the timing is correct. There is a chance that it jumped a tooth on the timing belt. I would certainly be looking of an ignition timing issue since it is a probable cause and costs nothing but time to diagnos.


Third, it sounds like you may have a bad low end bearing (a.k.a. either a rebuild or replace the engine).


Play around with it and see what you find.

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So it's isn't the timing. I checked and there is no oil. I added 3 quarts and now the tapping has gotten more quiet but is still there. The tapping is completely uniform and I cannot tell where it is coming from although it's definitly from the engine. I recently checked the oil about a month prior and it was of normal level. After adding oil an starting the car, I checked the oil and it was Black, almost silver. Any ideas?

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Tapping might be a rod knock. At the very least is would be the valves. If it is the valves just ignore it, many hondas do it. You could take the time to adjust the valve lash and correct it if you wanted and it would quiet down. if it is the rod just keep driving it till it blows and replace the engine.

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