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vtec failure?!?!?!


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Okay so i've given up on trying to figure out (on my own) what to do about my issue that has been going on for about a month or so now... First of all, I plug the code reader in and it lists off: 1) cylinder 1 misfire; 2) cylinder 2 misfire; 3)cylinder 3 misfire; 4) cylinder 4 misfire; 5) vtec failure. I just replaced the spark plugs a week or so ago to take care of a couple cylinder misfires. yet the codes continue to read off... But it makes sense now that i've thought about it that everything is linked to the vtec failure. It has become more and more obvious of the vtec failure because any time my car gets to just under 4000rpms as i'm driving, it acts like it wants to shut off or sounds like the fuel isn't quite getting to the engine effectively so it does one of these numbers.... (BAUGGGGHHHH---BAUGGH--BAUGH-BAUGH-BAUGH-BOG---BOG- BAUGH-BAUGGH- BAUGHHH, etc...)[that's how i would describe the noise...] till it is somewhat normal again, or at least until it gets back up to the point where i assume the vtec is wanting to kick in(around 4000rpms)... Its a very annoying problem so any and all advice is very much needed at this point.. What can I do?! and what is going on with my car?

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