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Can't get my idle right


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I have a 1992 EG8 with a D16Z6 swap, I'm running a Y8 I.M. and a Y8 T.B.. One of the problems I am having is the fact that my car is an automatic and my throttle body and intake are both from a manual. I have some things plugged in and some things aren't. I don't know what I am dealing with as far as the vacuum and sensors. If I unplug the IACV the idle doesn't jump as bad but then my CEL is on. When I have the IACV plugged in I don't get a CEL but the idle is up and down so hard that with the brakes applied it almost wants to lurch forward. I checked around the TB to IM and the IM to head, I found no vacuum leaks. I cleaned my IACV with no difference in performance. The guy that did the swap is pretty Honda literate, him and another guy that has about 5-6 years experience tinkered with it and couldn't fix it. They suggested that the IM swap might not work with OBD1. I know I'm asking alot but any help would be appreciated. The car runs good I drive it every day, but when your sitting in park with the idle shooting up and down about 400 rpm's with your CEL displayed, that isn't exactly optimum.

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