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Proof that Americans don't know what they are doing.


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Seriously, apparently you voted a ginger (Christina Hendricks) as your 'best looking woman in US'.



Ginger? Hell no. Clicky.



C'mon now, we all know Megan Fox is the hottest piece of clunge walking the planet right now.




Who would be your hottest girl in the states? (apart from the HF hotties, of course).

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No doubt megan fox is excellent, but in christina's defense you did pick about the least flattering picture of her that has ever been published.


and fox is a different kind of sexy, the nearly naked and leaves little to be imagined type. christina is more of that up-scale kind of mystique where you know she is hot but you never get to see everything cause it is always covered.

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hmmm yeah I see what ya mean.

kind of a bit more classy kind of hot. By no means am I saying that she is ugly, she is really damn cute, and I'd tap that ass, but still, by no means is she the hottest thing walking around in the states right now.


Mmm... I could stare at the pic of Fox all day long.

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I'd definitely say she's gorgeous. Not my type, but definitely a stunner. Megan Fox is pretty in the you-know-you're-going-to-get-herpagonasyphalitis way if you sleep with her. Personally, I think Eva Longoria is absolutely drop dead gorgeous.

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I love the girl they picked, but I always had a thing for Redheads. All of the women are beautiful. The problem with Megan Fox is when she ups her mouth (for anything other then stuffing c0ck into it). When she talks it is like nails on a chalk board to me. Alba was hot, now she looks like Skeletor!

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She is pretty...


I think the hottest girl is Jessica Alba :D


Alba back in 2000, seriously hot. Nowadays... still hot, but went a little too far while trying to lose weight after having a kid.




Hmmm... she was engaged to Michael Weatherly after Dark Angel... No wonder he can act so jaded in NCIS.

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