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Del Sol Seat adjustments/replacements?


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I'll start off by stating that I am extremely short.(4'11'')


I've been looking at Del Sols, and I love that there aren't any back seats because I have a lot of trouble trying to see over them in my bf's Honda Civic.Because car seats are slanted to make you kind of tilt back, it puts me at an awkward angle and I can't see as clearly as I'd like over the steering wheel.I can't actually see the front of the car, so when I park, I have to try to stretch my neck as far as possible and guesstimate my distance, open the door and check, then move up or back depending.It's annoying as all hell.


The problem I have with the Del Sol's I've been looking at is that they don't seem to slide up to the steering wheel very far. Could I possibly switch the railing for other ones that would allow me to move the seat up closer to the pedals?I've looked into pedal extensions, but they honestly don't look that safe and usually don't come with a third extension for manual, only automatic.I've heard that some people have switched out their Del Sol seats for Acura Integra seats, and that those would move my up, but not closer to the pedals.


Any suggestions? Seriously.I want a damn Del Sol. >: (

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