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'90 CRX wont start (HELP Plzzz)


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So My CRX is sitting outside not wanting to move and Im here trying to go to school... check it, this no staring thing had happened to me around the firsts of april, you try to turn the car on and you can hear the ignition, wich means its not the battery or the starter or anything like that, I took the car to a mechanic and suggested that the main relay be changed. Once changed the car turned on and worked well for about a week, then it started happening again. Im seriously getting very frustrated and really need some tips on what I can change, being that Im going broke with not finding the main problem. (Ive already took the main relay back to change and it still wont turn on)

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Here is what I would be checking in order of most common issues based on what you have described:


1. Check the tack signal. If it is weak or non-existent replace the ignitor with either a used known good one or a new one (they are expensive and the aftermarket ones are not worth the money)

2. Check the coil resistance. If it is out of spec. then replace.

3. Could be a fuel issue so check the pressure at the rail.

4. Hardest to diagnos, the electrical portion of the ignition switch. Sometime when it does not want to start, try cranking it and jiggling the key while cranking it. If it starts or start to fire then you know your problem. Problem is that that does not always work and it could still the electrical portion of the ignition switch.


Other then that there are a bunch of different things that could be causing your issue, but I simply don't have the time to spell them all out as they require thorough knowledge of diagnostics.


If everything listed above does not fix the problem then post back, then I or someone here will try and get you going on other potential sources.

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