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HELP! my honda keeps overheating


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A few months ago my 1995 Honda civic cx 1.5L started to overheat i have done a few things i thought would help with the problem.. i have replaced the thermostat (all this started to happen right after i replaced the thermostat the first time, i have tried 3 other thermostats since), ect switch or whatever its called, and i have checked both the hoses from the radiator and flushed the radiator, im assuming its a blown head gasket because their is oil in the 2nd to right spark plug and it is puffing out white smoke from the muffler, i haven't replaced the gasket yet because my girlfriends dad says thats its not the head gasket, but im not sure..... can anyone please help me???




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pull your dipstick..... do you have coolant mixing with coolant?


check the rad/overflow.. is their oil in there?






normally is there is white smoke.. its coolant burning




Is there any fluid coming out out of the tail pipe too? normally if its bad enough you'll see water coming out


also look in your overflow.. there should be bubbles coming into it if the HG is broke




I wouldnt recomment driving it either.. your either going to throw a rod or something from driving with coolant in the oil or going to warp your head from overheating

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How can I tell if the coolant is mixing?


And their is a little water coming out the tail pipe


It looked like the water in the overflow was boiling is that bad?


And if I don't drive it how will I find out that its fixed or not?


What you've described in this topic sounds about like everything I've ever heard about a bad head gasket. Give the cylinders a compression test if you want to be absolutely sure

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