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Eg radio power wires are melted


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K im a scrub at this too. Anyone mind helping me? I just got my 93 civic coupe dx and both power wires to the radio are melted. The red and yellow and blue and white. Just take it that i need a harness for the junk yard?? any other ideas?? plz help i want a radio

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fist thing you should ask is "why are they melted?" then continue from there. To give you some back story:


My neighbor just got a 97 ex. We have removed about 25lbs of wire from his car, full of butt connectors, electrical tape, and some twisted connections held together with duct tape or scotch tape. We had to pull his WHOLE interior to get most of it out, and we probably pulled a good 5 lbs out of his engine bay, again, spilices, connectors, and crap. We had unfused, live wires that were cut and just laying on the floorpan under the carpet, 12ga factory wire hooked up to 20 ga aftermarket wire, powering accessory plugs, all sorts of "oh sh!t this car is going to catch on fire" crap going on.


So, start checking wires, fuses (yes there were 50amp fuses in 10amp slots) and make sure your electrical system is up to par.


Once you do that then i would trace the wires all the way to the junction box, and totaly replace them, and if you cant do that, then atleast cut the wires a foot back from where they are melted then solder and heatshrink new wires in place (make sure to label them at the harness, and make any notations of the wire colors on your schematics)

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thanks i will look into that tomorrow. there use to be an amp in the car so im guessing its just all the major power cables to the radio. and i look all the way down as far as i could and there all like melted together so just guessing a new harness not sure yet. wont know till we pull the dash out. ( bought the car with the wires melted)

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yeah, then again im anal when it comes to wires haha. I mean i keep spools of stock jacketed wires in my garage. and for the few colors i dont have I always tag them and note it into my maintenance schematics.

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