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98 civic dx coupe clutch problems PLZ HELP!!!!!


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whats up guys i have a 98 honda civic coupe dx. the other day when i went to turn on the car the cutch had no pressure at all!!! it seemed like if the clutch was a spare peddle. the clutch peddle won't come up unless i manually make it come up. It was working the day before like normal. the car turns on thats pretty much it. it wont let me put the gears in. i have no idea why this happen!!! please enyone need HELP!!!!!!!!!!

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then i would trying bleeding it maybe. if not then i would try the slave cylinder i think they are cheap and then i would bleed it and try that out bro.... make sure that it is even on the forks it may have moved off for some reason. if you dont know what you are looking for then let me know and i will take a pic

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