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94 civic ex idle problem,


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Hey guys

got a new one for you


ok, recently, the last three days, my car has been idling so low that it cuts off.

The tach needle sits at 0 and it will be really quiet and just shut off.

I noticed it when i kept coming to stop lights, it would shut off.

The weird thing is that it keeps doing it when the cel is on.

when the cel is off, it runs fine. And it comes on randomly.


Has anyone else had this problem or does anyone have any ideas.



(94 civic ex)

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Im havin this same prob on my z6 93 sol. runs fine out on the road but when i stop at a light it idles around 1000 rpm then it will dip down to around 400, cel comes on but mine doesnt die. I checked and its throwing code 9 # 1 cyl pos sensor, but from what ive read that sensor rarely goes bad, its usually something else. Ive checked my wiring coolant and cleaned my iacv but still cant figure it out. any help or suggestions?

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