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93 Accord SE Overdrive Working Backwards


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Have a 93 Accord SE, automatic trans, bought in November 09. After driving for a few days, I noticed that the rpm's seemed to be kinda high at speed (60+ mph). What I found in experimenting is that the overdrive appears to be working bass-ackwards. When I press the accelerator, the rpm's drop - as though the overdrive has kicked in, rather than the passing gear. When I release, the rpm's jump back up by 500 or so. So, that appears to me to be backwards.. rpm's should increase when i hit the accelerator (passing gear) and drop when I release (overdrive kicks in)


any thoughts?

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Mine was the Engine Coolant Temp. Sensor. It feeds info to the TCM and ECM. There are four temp. sensors. on these cars one each in the inlet and outlet housings for the fans, and under the distributor you will find two more. The smaller forward one is for the gauge. The aft one is the one you need to change.

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