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changing the rear breaks on a 93


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My wife was given a '93 Accord and the breaks need replaced all around. Due to a squeek from the RR of the car, I feel it's the hub bearings. It makes a loud, but different squeek then bad breaks do and it's worse in reverse 10 fold. Sound right to anybody here?


The real deal, I tried changing out the rear pads but could not get the caliper off. 4 bolts holding it in from what I could see and I could only get 3 of them out. The 4th was (?) a 14m bolt that had so much crap around it I couldn't turn it at all. I don't mean crap as in gunk, but parts. I was told that all I had to do is take out 1 bottom bolt and that the caliper assembly would pivot upward. I haven't tried that yet but w/3 of the bolts out I couldn't get it to move, though I didn't try that movement.


Ahy help would be great. Thanks

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