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6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon


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Ok, so I'm bored, and we haven't had a game around here for a while. Since Bell is starting BS Bacon threads, this popped into mind.


I'm sure most of you know how to play, but if you don't, here's the gist:


I throw out the name of a movie star. You've got to find stars and movies that can connect back to Kevin Bacon in 6 steps or less.

Example: Val Kilmer. Val Kilmer did not do a movie with Kevin Bacon, but he starred in Top Gun with Tom Cruise, who starred with Kevin Bacon in a few good men. That's 2 steps. Normally, the person who can get it in the shortest number of steps wins, but being a forum, we'll go with the first one to get it in under 6. You win, you get to pick the next movie star.


I'll start: Adam Sandler

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hugh jackman starred with Christian Bale in The Prestige. Christian Bale starred with John Malkovich in Empire of the Sun. John Malkovich starred with Kevin Bacon in Queens Logic.


Sean Connery

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