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a rubbing sound from drivers side that is not the brakes


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I have a crx 1987 with 200,000 kms.


The brakes are all good, they have all been checked.


There is a strange kind of rythmic mid-pitched rubbing sound coming from the driver side. It sort of sounds like metal rubbing metal. The rythm of the sound speeds up when I go faster and slows when I go slower. It seems worse when I drive straight and it sometimes become worse when I turn to the right. It is not always constant. It usually does not start until have I have been driving for a few minutes. It is not affected by engaging the clutch, being in different gears, or acceleration. Sometimes, allowing the engine to de-accelerate without using the brake makes is worse, or the sound will start when I do this once and then continue after that.


A very light touch on the brake pedal completely stops the sound, every time. Even if the brake itself is not engaged, the lightest of touches on the brake pedal stops the rubbing sound.


I am getting the clutch replaced in a couple of days since the clutch is also slipping. I am not sure if the problem is related. I am trying to get a rough idea of what could be causing this so I can ask the mechanic when i take the car in. It does not do it all the time so with my luck it will not do it when I take it to the shop and they are going to think I am crazy.


Anyone hear of this kind of problem before? The brakes are all fine, to reiterate. The only problems I have had so far with this car is the clutch slipping and I think the shocks are wearing out a bit.

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