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it was my stereo, wow, who knew?


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well after checking and rechecking (thank you speed demon, you were the only one that replied) it was the anti-theft thing related to the radio somehow, I took it out wrong and this made it where the fuel pump would not kick on rendering the car undrivable, so we re-set it unhooking the neg. battery cable for about 30 min to an hour, turned the key, after we put the stereo plate back on, and there was the sweetest sound ever.....the fuel pump, my husband proved this to me by taking it out, the wrong way and putting it back on, cranks every time now, I'm so happy and so gonna go to the beach rain or shine!!yep, with the stereo in place we turned the key and anticipated, and the fuel pump kicked on, wow, I would have never thought!!!!

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glad to hear it works now :)

I felt so low.......I just got it, I've never owned a honda, but always wanted too, really good cars, all of them, when I first saw this del sol, I never even knew they made anything like it, I had to have it, it had been in a little fender bender, nothing one can't fix, so I worked my ass off for this lady cleaning her yard (she had a huge yard) paid 360 in cash and drove off in it, I'm glad it was something as simple as the anti theft system, but I was willing to do whatever, the first 115 miles, I was hooked! thank you again, I really do appreciate you, I'll have to post some pictures when I get my camera back from my daughter, have a really great day


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