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General Help in two areas.


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I am replacing my headlights, and am having trouble taking the headlamp electrical wire off of the lamp itself. It seems stuck, and I was wondering if anyone had some suggestions on things to soften it up? Thanks a lot.

Also, I am replacing the spark plugs in my car, and to get to them, I have to use a hex key/ allen wrench style head. I was wondering if there is an electric version of this tool, since they seem stuck to the point where it hurts my wrist trying to use a hand tool. Thanks

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for the headlights use a heat gun to soften the contact, then before you put the plug on the new bulbs coat the contacts with dielectric grease


For the spark plug cover, use PB blaster and let it soak into the threads over night, then re attempt with the allen key, to get more torque out of them use a T handle. Anything electric or pneumatic will snap the bolts.

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Alright thank you, this was great advice. I did not even know they sold T handled allen wrenches! Also, dielectric grease for the plugs afterwards, I am guessing this is so that they don't get stuck again?


Oh, and one more thing. When you say a heat gun, can you point me in the right direction in reference to these? I've never heard of one of these either. A link to a website selling one would be great, thank you =)

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