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Tips for me?


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ok so this is with a dohc but there is nothing different that i can think of so check this out.


this is what yours looks like now




so you want to take the top of the box off and take the old filter out and take the bolt out of the bottom. not sure how many there are out. this way you can remove the old intake box. next is to take off the hose from the intake manifold. so after this you will want to put your rubber hose pice on it looks like




so now that this is on you put your intake filter on the pipe so it looks like this




ok so you can either use the tube that they give you that goes from the valve cover to the intake or you can use a breather like this. you would have to have 2 one for intake pipe and one for valve cover




and then you would put one on the valve cover


this is what it would look like if you use the breathers




so that is what it would look like if you dont use the breather






now you will put it all together like this. and tighting the other bolt on from the rubber on to the intake pipe and you are done.




and in the end this is what you have



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Okay first thing first.


Take off your front bumper cover, remove the whole stock airbox assembly (big huge plastic box in the fenderwell) and the rest of the stock airbox.


DO NOT USE BREATHERS, hook it up the right way with the tubing from the valve cover to the intake.


Install the intake, then install the filter (you are going to have to do this from inside the wheel well.


Make sure you have a bypass valve installed in your intake piping to make sure you dont hydrolock.


Also make sure the liner is installed in your wheel well.

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