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Transmission Fluid Replacement - Flushing


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Please give me your help on when the 2005 Honda Accord Automatic Transmisson fluid needs to be flushed - replaced.

The manual states it should be at 120,000 miles, the Honda Rep recommended every 30,000 for drain and fill; flush and refill at 60,000

Honda wants $200 for the flush and fill; the car has exactly 70,000 miles on it; never cahnged ATF or added fluid.

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I got it done at 93k, never knew I should do any sooner. They showed me the dip stick

was pretty brown. I love this car and want to drive it forever, so when he said I should change it,

I went for it. I barely do any maint on this car for the almost 7 years I've owned it; a little rattle here

and there I never tried to fix, it's very dependable and sporty with a 4 cyl Ex engine and 5spd auto-trans.


I had it done at a chain lube chop, and

they only charged me $119 and that seemed stiff; they assured me it wasn't something I would want to

do myself (they say they run 16 qts of fluid through and most of that is for a flush). They use a special

machine to do it, takes about 15 minutes. Not sure what I'd do with 3 gallons of flushed fluid to get rid of it,

I figured I'd have them do it for me..


The guy told me he used to work at the Honda dealer and they charge almost $300 (hi end neighborhood) and

they tell you to leave the car for half a day. Somehow, I find that believable, but maybe it's just a line.. I

decided it wasn't going to matter, if your fluid is brown it's a good idea to change it.

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