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Problem - Again


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Engine: SOHC VTEC D16ZC - stock except minor things such as header/intake/flywheel etc



Problem: Coolant Disappearing



NOT overheating, NO coolant in oil, NO oil in coolant, NO smoke, NEW thermostat, NEW radiator cap (two of them actually), NEW radiator, FLUSHED/CLEANED system, NEW upper/lower hoses, Stopleak added in case of small hole somewhere, NO visible leaks (can let motor idle and heat up and NOTHING is wet anywhere), NEW overflow, header is wrapped to decrease temperature in bay(worked well), spark plugs->new, just changed oil Sunday.. it was/fine



story: can fill up radiator, overflow will get filled up, not sucking back into system(i think)... filled up everything, bled system, drove home (<20 miles probably), let everything cool off, check radiator, top hose and radiator empty, overflow has more water but not all of the missing water.. the car is NOT overheating





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i was gonna say thermostat but since u got a new one...i have no clue...are you 100% there are no leaks?


i laid on the floor looking for drips for a while.. stared at the back of the motor for a while.. checked hoses for any wetness just in case it wasn't bad enough to actually drip.. no wet.. hoses in front are brand new



and as much as its losing as fast as it is i should be able to see a f'in leak


we also pulled off the valve cover again to check the oil last night.. its perfect.. and when it was changed sunday the stuff that came out was fine. and there hasnt been one drop of oil in the coolant



i figure it has to be going into the overflow and not going back in.. just dk why.. and i dont know why im pouring more in then is in the overflow



first we thought hose leak.. no.. them maybe thermostat was stuck only part way open (knew it wasnt closed cause no overheating).. no.. maybe a clog in the system.. no

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the bumper looks like its cockeyed/pushed to the left on the right side.. wacko.gif



the picture is crooked.. haha




blown is wrong! okay i like saying that lol



anyway.. it FINALLY started showing a symtom.. after we narrowed it down to a leak in the intake manifold gasket or a small leak in the headgasket that has just been compressing the coolant more but not actually messing with anything yet.. it still isnt smoking (that we know of.. it had white out the exhaust but it didnt smell like coolant and was 20 degrees outside).. but it FINALLY started putting bubbles into the overflow.. so we know its one of the two now



idk how i caught whatever going out so early cause it still hasnt overheated.. guess checking fluids every week is a good thing





ill keep u guys updated.. it wasnt showing ANY symptoms until we got back from the show today and we backed it out the carport and i checked the overflow.. its not a fast bubble at all which is good.. means its still small.. going to take over intake first tomorrow and change gasket.. see what happens.. if headgasket gets changed head is probably getting port/polished/decked and new timing belt and water pump... i'm doing all that while im in there cause im not taking the damn thing apart again any time soon

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d-series.org people are f'in rude and stupid.. i would rather go to hondatech... they REFUSE to believe it is not the headgasket.. like the ONLY thing that could cause a coolant issue is a headgasket.. even with NO SIGNS of a head gasket issue


the motor looks almost NEW.. the head gasket looked NEW and had no signs of a crack or any blow by.. the intake manifold gasket was the factory gasket and looked great.. they is NO lip on the cylinder walls (cant even see where the piston stops at TDC).. i feel sad for tearing it apart so soon in its life




we realized the coolant in the block is still bright green.. strange because i've just been putting water into basically.. the stop leak for the radiator we put it (just in case of a small leak from a rock or something) i dont think even got into the block


we are thinking the cleaner stuff sucked butt and didnt get something and its got to be clogged somewhere.. probably never overheated cause when i drove it its been chilly and it wasnt far.. and hondas are cool like that


pulling the water pump to change it has been a pain in the a$$ btw.. i dont think they pulled the frame right in the front from a previous wreck so the amount of room sucks even worse then it would normally.. lol


i think clog could have came from when they put the new cap on old radiator and ended up blowing up old radiator and possibly pushing something from it into the block of the del


we are going to finish the water pump tomorrow.. flush the crap out of the block.. reset all the timing of course.. and put my baby back together.. if that doesn't solve it i'll kill car

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Sorry you are having som much trouble. Sounds perplexing for sure. Did you replace the intake gasket with a Hondata Silcone gasket while you had it off? Just a thought for some free (when hot) HP. It still sounds like it's just a air locked cooling system, but I'm sure you'd have found that by now if it was that simple. Good luck, and don't kill the car, it is just needy for attention. laugh.gif

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I say be patient, eventually the problem will worsen and reveal itself. In the meantime, keep a bottle of pre-mixed coolant in the trunk and avoid long trips or driving down deserted roads. A roll of duct tape, razor blade, and various hose clamps should also be in your trunk for the time-being.

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^too late for that.. we need two cars so we went the tearing it apart way instead of the risk hurting something way if it DID overheat.. it hasnt overheated yet and i wont let it


and i drive 50 miles to school and 50 miles back everyday.. Z is killing me on gas and i dont like putting that many miles on it



anyway.. got the water pump off and everything drained.. the stop leak for the rad. was building up in the front of the motor but not back.. not sure why.. if something was blocked it sure isnt now.. we flushed EVERYTHING.. and i scrubbed the head.. no more carbon!



puttin water pump back on now.. probably have to finish it monday



just used a stock intake manifold gasket :)

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