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'98 Civic dx Grinding Noise. Help!


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I have a 1998 Civic DX with about 135K. Original stock engine. It's started making a grinding noise when I accelerate from a stop but I goes away after I reach about 20 mph and while I'm idling the engine makes a tapping/vibrating noise. Could these two issues be related? Could it be the tranny? Also it's been burning through oil very quickly although I cannot find any visible evidence of a leak. I have no clue what the problem is. I would appreciate any and all feedback...

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I'm no mechanic and our cars are years apart-but what you're describing sounds alot like my experience. I'm speaking of the grinding acceleration. In my case it seemed worse when starting up a hill. The casue was a Start Clutch that either had to be resurfaced or replaced. Mine was the latter. The problem is gone-and I hope forever in whatever improvements were made. I can't speak about the oil issue-not relative to my situation. Maybe there's some info here that's helpful?? Good Luck.

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