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Happy Birthday Gorden!


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lol. thanks for posting this Seb! I'll let him know since he's not been on lately.


edit- might i add, he's been saying today that this has been the best birthday of his adult life. lol. We had a party at a local bar last night, then we went and saw The Wolfman & grabbed dinner this evening.


(From Twitter) My bday is about to end. This year was by far the best of my adult life. Great friends, awesome family, and a girl thats amazing.

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I am sad that I've been gone for so long gang. It's just been a wild ride since I've been home. Feel free to imply whatever you wish in that statement, ....hehehehehehehe...., and I've been busting hump to pull in as much cash as I can. I'm only now seeing numbers other than $000.00 in my bank account.


Thank you all for the awesome birthday wishes. I hadn't forgotten about you guys.


I'm gonna try to be on more. There's just not enough hours in the days right now.

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