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All Season Tires!

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ok guys i searched and searched but cant find good recommendations on tires. im looking for an all season tire that will do good in rain and snow. im budgeted at 100 a tire.


right now i looked at the bridgestone patenzas pole position, but nobody carries it. they say its discontinued


i looked at a set of kumhos for 89 a tire,...but they sucked ass in snow.


any suggestions?

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i really liked my falken xiex ze-512 and they were pretty cheap.


yeah but i got a lot of bad reviews for in rain performance

Tirerack it


i did. didnt really give me much



so at an end statement i went ahead and ordered some bridgestone patenzas pole position performance tire. and my dad got some nexen n5000's

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yeah but i got a lot of bad reviews for in rain performance


Untrue. Not to mention the fact that NO tire will be perfect in all conditions.


Take any individual review with a lot of skepticism. A tire model will perform different for every tire size produced. At 195/65/15 the ze-512s were bad ass, at another size they might be crap. Car type, suspension wear, road types...blah blah blah will make every tire experience different. When checking reviews look for the average rating over dozens, if not hundreds of reviews and always discount individual bad reviews vs the general consensus.

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yeah i read close to 150 reviews and a good 70% didnt like them. but they were on bigger cars like maximas and camrys. i couldnt really find a review for a 186/65/14 so i just got the pole positions


next time im gonna get the nexen n5000. those tires are tits in the rain

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I know this is late as the post was from Feb. but my comments are for future reference. From my personal experience, I have used Falken Ziex Ze-512's and 912's on my Focus and Del Sol and for me they are excellent in the rain and on dry surfaces.


I live in the Pacifc Northwest where we get it all as far as weather is concerned...we have several months of dry during the summer, many months of non-stop rain and occasionally snow and ice at the lower levels.


From my experience as of late the ultimate ALL season tires, including decent snow and ice traction are Goodyear Eagle GT's and Assurance Triple Treds. These last two I ran and run on my S-10 Xtreme which being a truck has a very light rear end but with these tires the truck sticks to the road even on ice at sane speeds.


I have used Dunlop Sport Maxx TT and they were completely bald at 25K miles but they stuck to the road like glue. The best rain and dry tires but with prohibitive pricing were Pirelli PZero Nero's.


The absolute worst tires I have ever driven on were Les Schwab's SS535. In fact the traction in the dry was horrible and the wet was tragic. I am absolutely sure they were the main cause for my accident. I applied the brakes at 35 mph coming to a stop light and it was just like I was on ice, the car slid through the intersection and rear ended an Explorer. Fuzions were marginal. Had them on the S-10 but they were marginal in the rain.


Among the worst in addition to the SS535 were Yokohama AVS Sport. These tires steered themselves. I meerly hung on to the steering wheel and countered every move this tire made. The tire was violent, grabbed every groove in the road and was the most stressful to drive. Of course they were 265/35/18's.

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Bridgestone Pole Position THE BEST ALL SEASON TIRE PERIOD.


You might also want to consider buying some nice Summer tires and winter tires. Yes, added cost. For the winter tires you can just use cheap steelies and find a used pair on craiglist. In my area there are plenty of 4 bolt 15" winter tires being sold with steelies for around $200.


Winter tires outperform all other tires in 40 degrees or below, they dont need snow to function.

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After doing tons of research for my all season tires, I got Continental ExtremeContact DWS. An asymmetric tire with many great reviews I found after doing a bunch of reading of reviews and ratings from multiple forums tire sites. Snow traction was rated overwhelming no. 1, which is very important for a year round tire.












Quiet road noise, great dry traction, excellent wet traction, and superb snow traction for all season tires. This will be my only tire so I need something great all year, especially in winter.

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