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93' Sol Fuel Pump Replacement..


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A terrible day that only got worse..


Apparently i had left my lights on when i got to school, came outside the car was dead, jumped it off and got it running. I was driving home and noticed i was on E.. I guess i was taking advantage of the 31mpg a little too much lol. I ended up stopping at an advance auto to check up on some parts, went back outside to take it to the gas station, and realized it was bone dry.. I filled it up, tried starting it and it would spark, etc, but it wasnt getting any gas. I tried it a few more times, pumping the pedal, nothing. I ended up killing the battery again and took advantage of advance auto's free battery charging.. replaced the battery, tried it again and got the same result. a buddy of mine helped me push the sol down a small hill and i tried popping the clutch, haha of course that didnt work either.


Anyways, a local mechanic stopped by, told me to get some carb and choke cleaner, he removed my intake, sprayed a small amount and told me to try and start it, it ran for about 5 seconds and cut off. he removed the 4th spark plug, put a screwdriver into the end of the wire and propped it against my headers. i turned the key and was getting sparks. Then he told me to hold the throttle wide open and let it try to turn over for 15 seconds. I waited for about 5 minutes and tried it again, and it started right up and was fine. i filled it up again at the gas station, and tried starting it and it wouldn't. I've gotten stuck at walmart twice and school once in the last week.


I'm new to the Honda tuning scene, i'm a full-time student and i own 5 horses, so i dont have much free-time. I have replaced my radiator, thermostat, installed eibach pro-kit springs, headlights, taillights, and done alot of work finishing work to it, i am mechanically inclined, but this is my first honda.


I'm guessing my fuel pump burned out when i ran out of gas. i bought a repair manual at advance auto as a guide, but it is for 93' civic, AND the del sol, so the section on the fuel pump tells me to remove the backseat and there is a section to remove in the floorboard. i looked in the trunk of the del sol and didnt see the panel. i'm guessing i have to drop the fuel tank to replace it. i have the equipment, i'm just looking for any tips or shortcuts. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


93' Del Sol S w/ JDM B16B

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you can always try seafoam in intake/fuel if you can get it running long enough of course


I've never heard of that before, where is it available?


I thought it may be the fuel filter, but it will start if i knock on the gas tank. i'm going to go ahead and replace the fuel filter when i do the fuel pump.

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you may just have clogged something up


seafoam is this awesome stuff you can buy at your local auto parts store


you can put it in the crankcase (oil), intake system, and fuel system



i warn you now though.. when put into the air intake system it DOES blow some serious white smoke if its never been cleaned out before lol





when i swapped heads on my car i kept getting an oil light and i thought it might be some gunk in the head blocking something since the head had sat for a while.. seafoam in the oil cleared in right up ( i wouldnt leave it in the oil too long though)



can you hear the fuel pump turn on fine? (have someone put their ear by the fuel tank and then see if they can hear it click on)

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hahaha that stuff sounds like a great way to prank somebody..


but uhm.. me and my buddy tried everything to get it started. i'm fairly certain it's the fuel pump because it started up when i got under it and banged on the tank.. the weather has been so terrible here i havent had a chance to check it out. i dont have a nice garage to work in lol. :/

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you don't need a garage, you do it from inside the vehicle. Remove the rear storage compartment, and you'll see the piece you need to take out. Don't get a cheapie pump, or you'll be doing it again in a couple of years. Guess how I know that.

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