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'06 Accord - Horn slightly goes while driving

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Hi all - glad to be part of the Honda family...


I recently got this car and haven't even put 100 miles on it... today while I am driving it to test it out and listening to any odd, strange sounds, I noticed few things, needs alignment, tires, likely brakes, etc (the usual maintenance at 45-50k miles), HOWEVER, when stepping on the brakes after highway to City driving, going slightly to the right, and then accelerating, the horn slightly goes off and is very soft. It has happened few times (1st time when it happened, I'm like WTF!! and then nothing) again, about 30 min. driving, same thing - and I am looking around at other cars while they are looking at me - so I know it's my car and not someone playing a joke around me (honking and then hiding)


so, what could be the issue?

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You have a short in the electrical system. Depending on your mechanical inclination you will need to trace your horn wiring backwards from the steering column to find where the wire is frayed or damaged. If DIY is not your thing you need to get it to a repair shop so they can trace down the source.

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