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Looking for help!!!


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I have a 94 Civic Coupe. with a 5 spd transmission. A friend of mine was putting in glow gauges and totally screwed my gauges up all together. I need to find new ones or any other cars gauges that will be interchangeable, being that the dealer wants ass loads of money for one small part.

I was told before that people have put integra gauges in their cars before. I dont know what it would take or require or if they snap right in. But at this point in time with school and not working alot of hours.. i dont have the money to throw around to do trial and error.

Please let me know and give me any help if you dont mind. I need this car to be opperational. asap

thank you again for who ever reads this and replys


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There are so many things wrong with this issue.


First of all: find a new friend. The fact that someone else worked on your car and screwed it up, didn't pay for it and left you to deal with it indicates you need a new one.

Second: if you are so broke as to not be able to afford to fix what screwed up then I think you shouldn't have been putting parts on your car in the first place.

Third: any civic gauge or cluster from 92-95 will directly replace what you have. They are all 100% interchangeable with no modification. Unplug the old, plug in the new. You can buy one off of ebay in the $25-$50 range for a cluster without tachometer, or $50-$100 for a cluster with a tach.

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