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possibly buying a 95 ex 5 speed


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i'm going to look at it tommorow....anythings i should look out for besides the usual stuff when buying a car?

also how are these cars performance wise say turbo or jacson racing s/c or high compression?also are they sohc or dohc and ex's are vtech's right? i have a 240sx right now and am just getting new to hondas as a second car

so any help s appreciated :D

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coupe, sedan, or hatch?

how many miles?

how much are they asking?

any modifications?


sorry for the questions...but i'm trying to sell my 1995 civic ex coupe. promised buyer backed out because her 15yr old son got his 14yr old girlfriend pregnant. just trying to see what other people are asking for their civics...know what i mean?


as for things to look out for. i'd look to make sure that nothing leaks, check all the fluids before you buy it (levels, feel the oil with your fingers to make sure its not gritty with metallic parts, etc). ask them if they changed the timing belt...all the normal stuff you ask when buying a used car.


they have the d16z6's: sohc, vtec, 125hp. probably not worth it to turbo or s/c, just do a b-series swap and you'll be much more satisfied in the end...or are you going to be using it as a daily driver and keep the 240 as a track whore? :)

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it's a red 95 civic ex coupe with sunroof, 5 speed, a/c. Miles- I will find out tommorow and they want 3995 for it. I may even trade my 93 240sx for it if my isurance rate on it is good enough, too many tickets in the 240 and it's classified as a sports car and it snows where i live and a baby is on the way next month with no backseat in the 240......but it'll be tough to decide


EDIT: It's bone stock down to the hubcaps-the civic that is

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yes, its pretty much the same. if you get a dx you don't get some of the ex things like: p/windows, p/locks, sunroof, a passenger side mirror, etc. and they have the d15's which aren't vtec so they aren't fast enough to keep (me) happy until you can do a swap. however, since you don't get all that extra power stuff then the car weighs less, so in the end they are faster if you do the same swap.


its pretty much up to you, but unless you want to make a true track car i'd go with the ex. it'll weigh a little bit more but at least you get the little things that'll keep your wife happy if she ever drives it. know what i mean?

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