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EG Hatch w/ LS Swap


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So i have a b18a1 in my 92 hatch and here for last month or so its been idling up and down while stopped..i thought maybe vacuum hose, so i checked and found the hose that plugs into the sensor, thats by the iac and idk where it goes..i put a new idle air control valve on it and still same problems..i know that sensor looks like its broke but idk if that sensor even matters cause my buddy aint usin his and his runs good!! so any help would be useful..i just dont know what it could be

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The IACV is indeed inportant with out it plugged in it will continue to act like that The back of your motor has several sensors that would have plugs but the IACV is at the top Another common problem is the Fast Idle Control Valve. That connects to the IACV Via a coolent line. No plug is connected to the Fast Idel control valve but it often causes the revving problem because a spring inside works it self loose

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