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94 civic clutch bypass help


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ok i have recently picked up a 94 civic that i am working on building back up to my other car but any ways this car was an automatic that i am working on converting over. now my problem is that i can't find the clutch bypass switch plugs in the harness in the car the guy befor me had the same motor i just put in it with a 5 speed in it now why cant i find the plugs are they not there? becouse the car was an automatic? or is there an easy way to bypass it so i can just start this car? please help and no i am not going to put a remote start in this

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there is going to be a wiring harness plug that plugs into your automatic shifter under the cup holder, that is where your problem is.

you need to jump two of the wires together to make it start. I don't remember exactly which ones right off the top of my head, its been a while sence ive done mine.

I want to say it was a black and red wire and the one right next to it,but im not for sure. it was 2 of the bigger wires though. you can trace them back through your shifter, its the ones that go to the park position. what you are doing is pretty much tricking the ecu into thinking the car is in park. you also need to change the ecu to a manual one also if you dont you will have a check engine light and the car will not run right.

If you have any more questions just PM me.

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