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New one from TN-CO


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Hey guys. I am Dan. my friend Brian (Brian EG2) told me about this forum. I lived in TN my whole life and i currently moved to CO. enough about me. heres my car


MODS: kinda scrambled cuz i was thinkin off my head


1996 Honda Civic Hatch

Nighthawk Black pearl

OEM window visors

OEM antenna blockoff plate

TCS F1 carbon mirrors

OEM Stanley JDM yellow foglights

OEM SiR front lip

OEM EK4 intersection lights

OEM SiR headlights with city lights

8000K HID's

CTR sidemarkers

Spoon CF Spoiler

99-00 taillights

OEM rear wiper plug


Ksport coilovers 32 way adjustable

Neuspeed front strut brace

Suspension Techniques rear sway bar

ASR rear subframe brace

Blox lower control arms

Beaks lower tie bar

15x7 +35 Work Ewing rs-z

ARP extended studs front and rear

Muteki neo-chrome extended lug nuts

Brembo slotted/..drilled rotors

Apex Kevlar pads


OEM JDM amber clock

Pioneer Headunit

Boss hub

Personal Marine steering wheel

OEM JDM interior flare

CTR shift boot

Circuit hero shifter extension

Buddy Club type one shift knob








^the old money shot lol^


and the shoes that are currently fs/ft because im in debt


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NNNOOOO keep the EK, its tits!


if you actually do get rid of the rsz's and out of debt you should get a vtak head.. or maybe boost? i had boost on the sol for about 3 days, OH EM GE FUNNN!!!


(oic brian... cause I recruited Gorden, you've gotta one up me?! lmao. j/k)

noo, ive been trying to get him on here but i just got his cell number today and texted him about it.. and he hopped onboard the heffer wagon :happy:

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ha. apartment, storage, insurance have me broke. i love the hatch. just lacking wheels but i need money elsewhere. and the only boost ill have will be coming from a 40 :)

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