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back from seeing wrx, lsvtec del sol, and b16a2 ek9


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so i went to see those cars today. 2004 wrx with ~270hp, sti seats, sti rims, and sti wing with possible wrc wing. then a lsvtec del sol. and finally a b16a2 ek9 hatch


went to laurelville first to see the ls vtec del sol....junk. vin from the firewall didnt match the one on the dash or the inside door panel. every lock on the car needed a different key. 6 different colors, and a "racing wing" dead replica from the fast and furious eclipse... front end had broken headlight and the hood had been hit so hard that it split the metal. interior was so so...so i said fk it, not worth 3800.


then the ek9 hatch with b16a2...drove over to circleville to meet him....at first glance gorgeous bronze paint, ok interior, stock rims,lights, and body. axel back exhuast.....and then the motor, i drove it...about 40 feet before i noticed the rod knocking, and hard at that. so i just put her in reverse and parked it, got out and handed him the key..."no". his reply was that it had a huge cam in it...lie....he turns it back on, revs it up and it made a screeching noise....fail walked away.


then the wrx. on my way to dayton i happened to notice a semi truck riding my bumper, so i speed up, get to 80 and this dude is still on my ass! so i just get off the highway and go to the bp station to get gas, and he follows me, so now i get a little scared cause he pulls up right behind me so i cant leave. i get outta the car and go inside, get some food and drinks, call the guy with the wrx and tell him in on my way. so i go back out to my car and i look and this mofo managed to get my door unlocked and was in my car! so now im pissed, i drop my sh1t and am ready for a beat down time. i get around the car, open the door and when i grab this dude he turns around and smiles....its my fuking dad lol. he was on his way to indiana and saw me going down the road lol...so he followed me....he laughed his ass off for a good 20 minutes.....he had a spare key to my car and opened the passenger door and just got in lol. so after this funny fiasco he tells me he is 2 hours ahead of schedule and can follow me to the guys house. when i get there i see a blue wrx(almost dead replica of an sti) sitting in the driveway with a 69 stingray and what else?! none other than a new 09 honda hatchback :D so sexy. so after looking at the wrx for a bit and talkin to the guy for almost 45 minutes he hands me a carfax and tune print out. carfax was spotless. 90,000 miles, origional owner, and tune sheet verifing cobb tuned to 270 hp and 290 ftlbs or torque. loved it, so he hands me the keys and says to take her for a drive and make sure to get it on the highway and give her a whirl. so i get up on the highway and just cut loose, the thing flew like none other. NO turbo lag! no bov! amazing sound! at 125 mph it was decently quiet and a very smooth ride(had a set of kumoh tires that cost $700). stopped like none other too. so i get back and look at my dad and he just says "wanna go to the bank?" lol. after a few more minutes of talkin with the guy i decide to go get the money, i get to the bank, get the loan approved and we drive back to tell the guy to hold it for 7 days. cause thats how long the loan was going to take...i get back and the wrx is gone, someone else had taken it for a drive and he was outside waiting on them. so we wait for 5 minutes and the guy comes back with the car...gets out and hands the mother fuker 4800!!!!!!!! i was pissed! i was going to get away with giving him 4200!!! :(:(:(:(:( and he sold it....no joke i had a tear come out my eye when i drove home....but apparently the guy was laid off from work and needed to feed his two daughters and wife(who was dead sexy). so all in all today was sorta fail.....but i did like driving the subie and will probably snag one withing the next two years.....



i want to cry :(


why diablo why?


and wanna know the biggest fail of all?


my grandparents have my digital camera with them.....and they are in west virginia for a wedding.....

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oh dear lol, well by the time you buy the drivetrain you want and put it in, your looking at close to 7k right there... then double that for the cost of everything else, and youve got yourself a halfassed wrx haha. Its just realllly expensive otherwise

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karma will catch up to him..


he'll probally wreck the soob and the wreck end up being his fault and have to pay out of pocket for all the other cars repairs and not have enough to fix the soob or total it and be out of a car and money :devil:


karma is a bitch

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