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ok so at first i figured it was just a joke or my thread got deleted for something random but now im pissed off.


first off my old clutch and brake pedal thread i made early last week miraculously disappeared the other day, just out of the blue, it was there when i went to work, when i came back it was gone. wont even come up in the searches, so i started a new one, no biggie.


but now my for sale thread is gone. i know i have the thread for the Wings West body kit but i had one for my GSR leather seats and some other things. IT IS GONE.


so i would like to know what in the hell is going on here.

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I'll look into it. I haven't deleted any of those. The only ones I delete are the ones started by spammers.


thank you





arent you supposed to die first then go to hell? but point taken

all your threads are belong to us. mwahhahhaha



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