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Clutch and Brake pedal low


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i dont know for what reason it was done, but my clutch and brake pedal thread is gone, nowhere to be seen.


anyways...does anyone have any ideas as to why my clutch and brake pedal are so low to the floor and spongy?


and no it is not the fluid. my fluid is brand new, clear, and i can find no leaks.


my thoughts are master cylinder, bad slave cylinder, or brake booster?

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I suggested replacing the clutch slave first since it's only about $15 at a local store and takes only 15 minutes tops to replace.


You were wondering what the hell "bench bleeding" (as suggested by lina) was and I noted that it's when you bleed out your master cylinders while they're outside of the car.


Wonder what happened to the other thread?

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yeah i read and replied to both your posts, it was there last night when i went to bed at 1. but when i came home today it was completely gone. cant even find it in my posting history


but yeah when i get my check from work ill be getting the slave and doing it asap. if that doesnt work im going master cylinder(i hear i have to take the dash out....) then finally if that doesnt work ill get brake booster and stainless steel lines for the brakes and clutch

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