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BB6 Build is taking off!


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I've had my prelude parked for a while. But it's time for it to come out of storage and have some fun!


I picked up a Blue Top H22A with LSD Trans and JDM ECU :p


I started this project in my new secret hideout, but quickly got tired of dragging my tools back and forth. So I towed it to my shop and pulled out the tired H22A4 Type SH motor and installed my new power plant! :D


Getting ready to pull my H22A4



YAY!!! it's out!!!



...and a couple of hours later:




I'll be doing more work on it tomorrow... Hope to get it totally running this week. still have a lot todo. I'll keep ya updated!


More pics if interested :p

BB6 Project pictures by shak3yb0n3z - Photobucket

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been trying to work on it between work and stuff. got the axles and spark plugs tonight. Got some power wire for the battery tuck. So hopefully I can get that taken care of tomorrow and see if she rolls :D

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